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Question:  How do distance sessions work? 

Answer: You are able to experience BodyTalk from the comfort of your own home, while on vacation on the other side of the world, in a sporting event, or in a hospital bed! Jennifer has answered the call in all instances! Using BodyTalk techniques as if you were personally present, Jennifer is able to conduct an effective session at a distance.

Question: What about animal sessions?

Answer: Distance work is very effective for animals, as well as people.

Question:  How do I know when the session is conducted?

Answer: You may arrange to be on the phone with Jennifer at the time of the session, you may arrange a time in advance, or Jennifer is able to conduct the session at any time during the agreed upon day, when it is most effective for your body's energy. Jennifer will email you a summary of the session when completed, so you have an idea of how your session addressed your body's priorities.

Question:  Will I notice or feel anything during the distance session?

Answer: Some clients are more sensitive than others, but often a person receiving a distance session might feel relaxed, or even dreamy.  As with sessions in person, whether you notice any shifts of energy, your body IS shifting and energetically distinct after every session!

Question: Is there an extra charge for distance work?

Answer: No, there is no extra charge for distance sessions.

Question: How do I pay for the session?

Answer: You are welcome to send a personal check through the mail, or request an invoice through PayPal.   Payment is required before the session(s) begin.

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