BodyTalk offers the best in complementary and alternative healthcare, bringing balance to all

aspects of your health.  

Sage Wellness Center LLC/Jennifer Utter, Adv CBP, BAT, JD supports your family’s health and well being, by offering the latest BodyTalk techniques to facilitate energetic balance at many levels. Find out more about Jennifer's BodyTalk Access classes HERE.  On-site business, home and distance sessions/for people and/or animals are also available! Schedule your appointment now!  

Jennifer's advanced training allows her to offer the most up to date BodyTalk techniques, in a safe atmosphere which honors her Christian world-view.


Spring Cleaning Special!

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Offer open to all pets and people! 

March 20-June 20, 2019

3 Advanced Bodytalk Sessions Package:  USD $150

The sessions may be "in person" or Distance. While you may share with others, 3 sessions will enable one person or animal a deeper energetic balancing.  Contact Jennifer HERE to schedule an appointment. 

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Jennifer Utter BodyTalk Sessions

Individual Services

  • $75 Individual Session ​     
  • $65 Individual Session for Children (under 18)
  • $60 Session for Animals
  • $50 Session for pet clients referred through Tails N Training!

Packages (other than Spring Cleaning Specials):

  • Access Student Package: 3 sessions for $185 if you attend a BodyTalk Access class with any instructor!
  • 3 session Package: $210* 
  • 6 session Package: $410*

* Sessions never expire, but Jennifer recommends using within 3 months of purchase.  Sessions may be shared with one other individual person, animal, or group. Contact Jennifer for other terms and conditions which apply. Payment in advance for all package sessions is required.