After one session improvements observed include...

...reduced dog aggressiveness

...improved sociability

...improved gait behavior in class at TailsNTraining

...calmness in being groomed

...relieved kennel stress and anxiety around other dogs to trim nails without stress to trim with clipper without stress

...relief from separation anxiety at kennel 

...relieved eye pain 

...relieved persistent fearful response after traumatic accident

...improved integration into family after adoption

How Jennifer Utter BodyTalk has helped people:

BodyTalk is the single BEST investment I have ever made in my own health and well-being!

I highly recommend Jennifer as a facilitator of BodyTalk.  My first session was simply profound, from supporting my body to fully heal from a year-old broken bone that never seemed quite right, to feeling 100% back to normal, or better.  The session also was very supportive in freeing me from belief systems that no longer served me, most amazingly and wonderfully freeing me from an internal dialogue that was negative and perseverating on one specific topic.  

My toxic thinking would have had, literally, dire health consequences, had it continued.   Following my session with Jennifer, I had a sense of well- being and peace that had been lost to me for years.  It’s hard to put into words how profound it was – a shift that everyone I am in contact with daily has noticed- and has facilitated a deeper connection with my toddler.  I am able to be more present to her.  I think I even look different!

Jennifer is warm, lovely, and so inherently kind and wise.  I love and appreciate her Christian foundation and orientation.  BodyTalk supports our own individual innate wisdom.  I think of BodyTalk as a very intentional and focused form of prayer.  I know that Jennifer’s facilitation of BodyTalk, through my own body’s wisdom, has facilitated a miracle for me. 

                                                                        --A. K., Rapid City, SD